Our Ciders

Our cider is a convergence of apple and pear trees, land, water, and growers; of history, heritage, modern sensibility, and sustainability. Our hard cider’s lifecycle begins with whole ingredients, fruits and herbs. These whole fruits are pressed and fermented through various methods to create both easy-to-enjoy and more hardy heritage hard ciders and berries. Our vision is to create a tasty hard cider while also engaging with our community and doing as much good as we can. A portion of the production from select ciders will be dedicated to local and equity causes. Industry diversity and community support are key tenants in the Convergence model.

Wandering Harvest
Wandering Harvest
Apple Hard Cider

Description: Semi-Dry 1.5-2.5 Brix - Flagship Cider - Balanced - Modern Cider

A portion of the sales from our balanced, semi-sweet Drift Less Apple release will be dedicated to support regionally focused efforts to encourage the preservation of heritage apple varieties thought to be lost, a true testament to the saying that “not all who wander are lost”.

Drift Less
Drift Less
Apple Hard Cider

Description: Dry 0-1.5 Brix - Aged on American Oak Staves from Minnesota - Unique / Heritage Apples

A portion of the sales from our oak aged, dry Drift Less Apple release will be dedicated to support local efforts to grow, save, and share heirloom seeds, keeping these seeds where they belong—in gardens and on tables everywhere, for generations to come.

Flyway Gold
Flyway Gold
Hard Cider

Description: Semi-Sweet 3 Brix - Elderflower Infused - Back Sweetened with Local Honey

A portion of the sales from our aromatic, semi-sweet Flyway Gold release will be dedicated to supporting local organizations dedicated to bringing people closer to the natural world and helping to foster future generations of preservationists.

Wild Bluff
Wild Bluff
Aronia Hard Cider

Description: Semi-Dry 2.5 Brix - Aronia Juice and Northern Spy (Heritage Cider Apple) Juice - Mimics A Light and Refreshing Pinot Noir Wine

A portion of the sales from our smooth, semi-sweet Wild Bluff Aronia release will be dedicated to supporting local organizations focused on facilitating public enjoyment and appreciation of natural areas while wisely managing natural resources and encouraging land stewardship through natural history and environmental education.

Moonglow Ginger Pear Cider
Moonglow Ginger
Pear Cider

Local Organization: Land/Industry POC / 40 Acres & A Mule Project / or other

Label: Pears, Ginger, Moon/Sky Elements

Notes/Description: Semi-Dry 1.5-2.5 Brix - Pear Juice & Organic Ginger Juice - Depth, Refreshing, Pear Start / Ginger Finish

Taproom Menu

Our Ciders (See menu in taproom for current availability)

Drift Less Apple Hard Cider
Dry Cider ~ Aged on Oak ~ Northern Spy

Wandering Harvest Apple Hard Cider
Semi-Dry ~ Modern Cider ~ Local Apple Juice from the DriftLess

Flyway Gold Hard Cider
Semi-Dry Elderflower Infused Cider ~ Highlandville Honey

Moonglow Ginger Pear Cider
Semi-Dry ~ Pear Cider ~ Organic Ginger

Solstice Spice Cider
Semi-Dry ~ Local Apple Juice from the Driftless ~Chai Spice

Local Visitors (See menu in taproom for current availability)

|  Toppling Goliath

|  Pulpit Rock Brewery

|  Pivo Brewery

Other Drinks

Verve Kombuchas

Selection of Wisco Pop & Spring Grove Sodas

Apple Juice (selection will vary depending on time of year)

Events & News

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Posted: January 28, 2022
Hiring: Cider House Host/Server – Part Time (Front of House)
Posted: July 8, 2021
Join Our Team: We’re Hiring
Posted: June 23, 2021

Our Grower Partners

At the core of our mission is making great partnerships to make great cider while making a difference. Each glass of sparkling Convergence cider embodies the enterprise of small farms, the preservation of local apple heritage, and the spirit of doing good.

Humble Hands Harvest
Humble Hands Harvest
Decorah, IA Co-op Farm

Owners: Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan

Just planted their orchard last year. Working with Dan Bussey - former Orchard Manager at SSE and super knowledgeable “apple guy”

Peake Orchards
Peake Orchards
323 Northline Drive Waukon, Iowa
(563) 382-4486

Owner: Al Peake & Family

1000 trees growing Cortland, Honeycrisp, and Zestar in September; Regents, Haralson, Jonagored, and Connell Reds October. Peake Orchards sells at Decorah farmers market and in the grocery stores.

Rachel Sandhorst & Jon Jensen
Rachel Sandhorst & Jon Jensen
Lannon Hill Road, Decorah, IA

Owners: Rachel Sandhorst & Jon Jensen

Private orchard with focus mainly on pears

Sunrise Orchards
Sunrise Orchards
Apple & Juice
Seed Savers Exchange
Seed Savers Exchange
Apple & Juice

Orchard Manager: Lindsay Lee
Asst Orchard Manager: Jenn Ripp

Highlandville Honey Farm
Highlandville Honey Farm
3437 Old Bridge Road Decorah, IA
(563) 419-8696

Owner: Joel Fassbinder

Hylde’s Garden
Hylde’s Garden
Postville, IA


Full House


The Taproom

Our cidery is located in Decorah, Iowa, at the convergence of the Plains and the Driftless regions, home to a diversity of hardy apple varieties and small local farms dedicated to responsible growing practices, the preservation of local heritage, and service to the community. It is the combination of these elements and intentions that brings Convergence Cider Works into being.

The Team

Natalie & Chris Naber: Natalie grew up in Winterset, Iowa, just north of where the “Delicious” apple was created. Growing up, she remembers eating apples off of friends’ trees, taking trips to the local orchards for pressing days, making things with the crabapples that grew in her yard, or just eating spitters straight from the tree or ground.  Before moving back to Iowa this year, Natalie lived in Sonoma County for 20 years. She began work in manufacturing 15 years ago and decided to move specifically into beverage manufacturing 5 years ago. She enjoyed time with kombucha and hard cider companies and learned that Sonoma County/North SF Bay has many inspirational makers who champion stewardship and preservation in their relationships. Chris has been going up to Apple Hill, one of California's premier apple growing region since he was a kid, and as a family we have continued to pass along the the tradition and love of apples and orchards. Chris has been engaged as a community partner in Sonoma County as the Board President of a local non-profit education foundation for the past 6 years. Chris also holds extensive experience in logistics coordination and account management.